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Face the World Clean, Fresh and Moisturized...

MoistureBal´s® moisture-rich ingredients promise to undo the effects of time, stress and exposure to the elements. It was originally designed to be used by professional aestheticians for their clients with head-to-toe skin care needs. Your body is its own ecosystem and your skin needs the proper balance of moisture and nutrients to keep it healthy and beautiful. Regular moisturizers are lost off your body regularly. Moisturebal is a humectant. Professionals know that in order to keep the skin balanced and supple it is important to not allow the dehydration from the outside. Ordinary "moisturizers" are not necessarily humectants. A humectant allows the body to be protected naurally and retain the "body's" already balanced moisture in and working within the body's own ecosystem.

Take a moment and picture a tropical rainforest or an exotic garden. Chances are, you can almost feel the moisture in these organically rich ecosystems. This is what the MoistureBal® Primary System is all about... keeping your skin moisturized and full of natural nutrients. Even it´s light, exotic scent, will make you think of a tropical rain forest.

The MoistureBal® Primary System is the foundation to healthy looking skin. You will feel these products starting to work almost immediately and you´ll love the way it´s going to make your skin look.